TIME /05.2011    PROJECT / Fatto a Mano – FENDI


意大利奢侈品牌FENDI 第一次跨界和产品设计师张雷合作。张雷在杭州的一个古镇上搜集了一些老家具并和FENDI的皮革工艺师公事近三个月,将老家具和FENDI的皮革结合最终完成13件作品,并于2011年5月在杭州万象城一楼展出。品物流形负责整个展品设计与空间展示。展后作品被FENDI意大利总部博物馆收藏。

FENDI, luxury brand from Italy, cooperated with Zhang Lei from China as the first collaboration with a product designer cross-border. Zhang Lei collected some old furniture in a village in Hangzhou and spent over three months working with three leather craftsmen from FENDI to make 13 works at end. It was exhibited in May of 2011 in Hangzhou Mix City Shopping Mall. The exhibition space and display are both designed by PINWU studio. After the exhibition, all the works are collected by the museum of FENDI Italy.