TIME / JAN.2016

“FROM YUHANG RONG DESIGN LIBRARY" is built by the PINWU Design studio in collaboration with the Yuhang district government – Hangzhou, China. We are focusing on researching and deconstructing traditional Chinese materials and related crafts. The library offers detailed information about materials like bamboo, handmade paper, clay, porcelain, copper, silver, silk, etc. The analysis is aiming to discover ancient remains of the Chinese folk and therewith cultural values. The permanently growing collection is enriched by passionate aged craftsmen.

Guest Designer project: Each month the library invites 3 designers from around the world to join our idea of turning the marvelous materials into contemporary design works.
Designers and creatives can apply on the website – designlibrary.cn   
Guest Designers: Luigi Boselli , Lu JingYi , Jean-Philippe Bonzon , Annide Gregory Studio , Sonja Schaub , Wei HangShuai
Organizer: PINWU Design Studio 
Host: HangZhou Yuhang Culture Creative Industry Office